James Tenney Attorney Atlanta Provides Taxation Advice To Corporations

Based in Atlanta, James Tenney is an expert attorney and has been working in the legal field for more than three decades. His broad areas of expertise include estate planning, wealth preservation, income tax, tax audits, family business successions, bankruptcy transactions and more. He also helps businesses in mergers and acquisitions and structuring entities. He is a member of State Bar of Georgia, International Bar Associations, American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants, the Tennessee Bar Association, the ABA Section on Taxation and several of its national committees.

An excellent legal writer, James Tenney Attorney Atlanta has written many creative articles for various trade publications which are read by legal professionals. He has also delivered lectures on various aspects of tax laws at national, regional and local levels. His legal advice and publications are of great help to business owners, students and companies in understanding the complex concepts of law and taxation easily. James F. Tenney has excelled in the field of international laws as well and helps his clients in formulation of policies according to international business laws.

James Tenney Atlanta lawyer studied at University of Michigan and University of Tennessee where he received his undergraduate degree in Finance and Law. Later, he received his degree in Master of Laws in Taxation (L.L.M.) from Emory University. James Tenney holds a license to practice in Georgia and Tennessee. Through his extensive experience and expertise in the field of taxation and finance, he guides business owners in minimizing their taxes.

James Frederick Tenney currently resides in Atlanta and offers expert legal advice to businesses, professionals and individuals located in Atlanta and nearby areas. His opinions are highly respected by his clients and colleagues. Along with offering business and tax planning services, James loves playing golf and tennis.

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